When I was very young I was neglected and abused pushed around I had a father here isn’t really my father see my mother that my real father when I was only 6 months old and married a man than vans on Robinson I called him daddy duck he was a very good man to me he was 40 years old when he married my mother he had a heart condition and high blood pressure so every other day or every other week whatever he would kind of warm me to sign off I’ll be I’ll be going soon and sure enough he did I was 6 years old and one day he just died right in front of me and my support attack and it killed me you know he taught me how to be a
man from 6 months to H6 imagine what all he taught me so many things not to play with knives don’t play with guns just the way he did it was absolutely amazing the stories are the way he just emphasized so after his death for some reason I refuse to listen to anybody in his brothers is kind of the ones that started taking care of me and my two sisters and my mother and unfortunately his brothers was very abusive mentally and physically I started numbing myself to life I start actually just closing off everything around me not paying attention to anything I wasn’t any good in school I didn’t listen to teachers and I didn’t have any friends everybody that tried to be nice to me I’ll be mean to them everybody ever try to teach me I wouldn’t listen the only man that could teach me anything I died I close myself off that world at the chaos inside of my head it was the only way I knew how to live age of 14 that is so sweet

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