I’m really sorry I didn’t get back to you,

My story is about me being in Hollywood studios and also Las Vegas NV ,it all started when I was 18 I definitely didn’t know how to make my own decisions which lead me to break the law. After I ended up running away from the police One Summer Night I arrived at my mother’s house frantic was very upset the police is after me and thought that I should leave the state so my mother called my sister and her boyfriend can’t pick me up and took me to the state line Alabama and drop me off I then proceeded to walk down the side of the interstate which was pretty funny I come up on a highway patrol officer which flag me down he was really nice and cool to me and gave me a ride to the truck stop which then most regrettable he got her ride with a truck driver to Atlanta Georgia that then is when I found out what the big city life is all about was it a day after I was there I was getting solicited for sex next thing you know I’m in a motel on the other side of Atlanta getting funded by black guy it really blew my mind because I was thought he was trying to give me a place to stay needless to say that didn’t turn out too well so for the next couple of days I was very scared I stayed at the Greyhound bus station did not leave there in downtown Atlanta Georgia I soon lost all my clothes and I only have shorts shoes and shirt after about a week staying at the Greyhound bus station somebody finally gave me a ticket to Lexington Kentucky when I arrived that Greyhound bus station it was very small and unoccupied it was also quite cold that night but as God always puts angels in my life he did at that moment a guy in his 20 showed up in a taxi cab with a lot of luggage

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