Hollywood Christmas party 2008, new year’s Eve party With the locals ,four wheel roller skating 18year old kid from Mississippi, became part of the Walk thru the night and the Walk thru the day, also a whole bunch of stuff he is participating in therapy to remember..only to board a Gray hound bus at the station on the Walk of Fame Hollywood, because his, mother ask him to come home!! And that he suffered some amnesia, this is why he actually accepted his mother’s offer ☺️10 years later he is remembering the events of December 2008 and January 2009 😎 his voice is still wonderful ,even better than before. This kid from Mississippi ,18 left June of 2008 on the run from Booneville police department, and Tupelo Police Department, Mississippi, because he was afraid to face his consequences behind the spelling and charge ended up truck stop and Alabama hitching a ride the truck driver that could take him far as Atlanta Georgia , his arrival soon let him at the Greyhound bus station downtown Atlanta where he was substitute sexual harassment and also all of his belongings was stolen not soon after he obtain a bus ticket to Lexington Kentucky his arriving Lexington Kentucky soon let him getting a job with interstate subscription services based in San Antonio Texas, it was a contest to obtain point by selling magazine door door the points would win him a trip to Paris London or room with the $2, 000 payout for 35000 points the manager alias Harry Olde AKA contest director was very abusive and manipulating not soon after employment with this company that contest director found out that he was running from the police in Mississippi because he was knocking doors and Alabama and the police got called on him , but he fled arrest once again and call his contest director to come get him, Harry Olde then started black Bellingham with the threat of turning him to the police, he knocked every single door and every single town that they went through throughout America all the way until November of 2008 in Las Vegas Nevada he left the company walking but was some picked up by Harry Olde and was harassed and physically assaulted but he escaped his captured but was in the desert in the outskirts of Vegas so he can you to walk until they got to a Subway fast food restaurants ,he then proceeded to xask the very plot cashier for water, she asked what was going on and he broke down and told her every detail starting at leaving in Mississippi she looked at him sincerely and said on the other side of that interstate is the Las Vegas Strip go to that strip and find a job and don’t stop asking people until you find a job. And that exactly what he did he walked the Las Vegas Strip until he found means of employment with the store a hip hop black American store located in the Hawaiian marketplace Las Vegas Nevada, this was also recording studio Hawaiian marketplace the somewhat like a music vineyard which bars located in the circle and also 7-eleven and other stores , one night he recognized there was a microphone stand on occupied so he grabbed the mic and started singing his voice was broadcasting with wonderful sound in the Hawaiian marketplace, he claims is unbelievable people started getting around enjoying the music they will have soon a band come up and play behind him he performed until his voice was no more this is when Life changed for him 😎 the story continues on till February 15th 2009 I will post more biography of the run through life by Anthony Ray Perry if you have questions are concerns please contact me at perryray281990@gmail.com • Regards, May the angels forever watch over you and your family with the most love and light sincerely Yours Anthony Ray

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